Environmental Management Plans (EMP’s) may be required for domestic or industrial sites.

Environmental Management Plans

Domestic Environmental Management Plans
The development of smaller allotments for rural farmlets can contribute to poor land management with respect to the siting of houses, outbuildings, roads access tracks and wastewater disposal.

The purpose of a Domestic EMP looks at the sustainable management of such developments. This may include identifying environmental values of a site, techniques to maintain such values, and general site management practices to ensure sustainable management.

Industry Environmental Management Plans
Within the civil and construction industry there are a number of different types of EMP’s which can vary from basic to detailed management plans. Construction EMP’s (CEMP’s) and Site EMP’s (SEMP’s) are two examples of plans that cater for the industry and can provide guidance on environmental management throughout the stages of a project.

Environmental Audits

Typically, an environmental audit reviews what activities have been undertaken compared to what is required. Deficiencies are identified and recommendations are made to improve environmental performance and achieve compliance.

Regular reviews are required to maintain compliance and to further improve environmental performance. There are many reasons why an environmental audit may be required.

Some examples of audits Edwards Environmental has undertaken:

  • EPA licensing
  • EPA notices
  • Planning permit conditions
  • Internal Policy and procedures
  • Codes of Practice
  • EPA guidelines
  • ISO accreditation
  • Australian Standards

Environmental Compliance Management

Understanding environmental regulation can be challenging for any type of business. Complex and ever changing legislation takes a significant amount of time and energy to ensure compliance is achieved. Edwards Environmental has experienced staff that can undertake or guide you through the process of environmental compliance.

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