Environmental Site Assessments

Site assessments may be requested due to a property purchase, site development, rezoning of site planning conditions, managing risks, or determining baseline environmental conditions.

Edwards Environmental staff undertake site assessments for residential, commercial, and industrial sites. Our work is conducted according to local, state, and federal guidelines. Site assessments proceed in a considered and detailed manner allowing for identification of contaminants, quantification of contaminated land, and assessment of potential for migration offsite.
Environmental site assessments are conducted in a stepwise manner in accordance with the National Environment Protection Measures (as amended 2013) and the Environment Protection Act Victoria (as amended 2018).

National Environment Protection Measures (NEPMs)

Environment Protection Amendment Act 2018

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Preliminary Site Investigations
(Desktop Study ± Intrusive Sampling)

These site investigations include a desktop study of current and previous site occupiers and land uses, land title and deed certificates, all relevant historical site images, planning overlays, analysis of previous and neighbouring site EPA audits, site investigation, and provisional planning of an intrusive site sampling program. Sampling programs are statistically designed to meet each site’s unique characteristics and fulfill statutory guidelines. Soil cores and other relevant sample types are tested onsite by portable x-ray fluorescence (pXRF) spectroscopy and photo-ionization detection (PID) instrumentation for heavy metals and hydrocarbons. Selected samples are submitted to NATA accredited laboratories for analysis and quality control purposes. A comprehensive scientific report is prepared for the client and regulatory authority with conclusions of the investigation.

Detailed Site Investigations

In some cases the data gathered within the limits of a Preliminary Site Investigation may not address the complexity of contamination properties or discovery of unexpected contamination. Consequently, further investigation is needed to provide specific data allowing for inclusive assessment of the full extent of contamination. Information gathered during the Preliminary and Detailed Site Investigations may then suffice for site specific management or remediation.
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