Site Remediation & Rehabilitation

Edwards Environmental relies on its own fleet of earthmoving equipment, EPA licensed transport vehicles, and other specialised plant and staff for rapid and reliable fulfillment of site remediation or rehabilitation plans.

Our team can provide advice, expertise, and earth-moving machinery to assist with EPA Remedial Notices or conduct licensed removal and remediation of contaminated sites. Our services include off-site removal and disposal of contaminated soils, onsite relocation and capping for onsite containment, and/or screening of contaminated soils for potential re-use and waste minimisation.

We also supply Environmental Management Plans or Soil Management Plans to assist clients with implementation of site practices and site uses that provide guidance and compliance with EPA and other applicable regulatory guidelines. Where sites are proposed for development, such as subdivisions or where significant earthworks are required, our Construction Management Plans provide guidance for safe and environmentally regulatory compliant practices during site works.

EPA Victoria – Remedial Notices

EPA Victoria – Compliance and Enforcement Policy

EPA Victoria – Managing Waste Soil

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Site Remediation

Integral to the site remediation process is accurate assessment of contamination. We carry out site-based investigations involving in situ XRF spectroscopy and NATA accredited laboratory-based analysis of collected samples to characterise and delineate contamination.

Investigation results and remediation options are presented to clients in a report. On completion of site remediation works, scientific evidence of contaminant removal and containment to levels stipulated by regulatory authorities is collected and presented within a Validation Report.

Site Rehabilitation

Where rehabilitation of contaminated sites is required, for example legacy mine sites, former commercial or industrial sites, or to facilitate re-zoning of sites, Edwards Environmental can provide all services required for project delivery. Specific services depend on project scope and may require soil characterisation, soil validation, and soil management planning.

Rehabilitation works provided by Edwards Environmental can involve bulk earthworks such as excavation, backfilling, contouring, terracing, environmental barrier constructions, and provisions for site drainage and reticulation.

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