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Our plant and equipment, technical instrumentation, and experienced operators provide for a range of specialised environmental services.
These include location, removal, and remediation of Underground Petroleum Storage Systems (UPSS), groundwater well construction and monitoring, portable XRF in situ lead paint testing and report preparation, and expertise in the clean-up and management of environmental contaminant spills and EPA Remedial Notices.
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Underground Petroleum Storage Systems (UPSS) Location and Removal

While underground petroleum storage systems are most often associated with fuel service stations, it is not unusual to find these installations located within residential or other commercial/industrial sites for storage of petrol, diesel, heating oil, waste oils, or other hydrocarbons. UPSS systems are associated with fuel piping, pumps/bowsers, and venting reticulation. Tanks can corrode over time with leakage of hydrocarbons into surrounding soils and groundwater. Our staff are experienced in the location, removal, and disposal of UPSS (AS:4976 – 2008). Furthermore, we provide assessment of any contamination and remediation of the site by removal and disposal of contaminated soils and, where necessary, installation of groundwater monitoring wells to monitor for potential hydrocarbon contamination within groundwater.

EPA Victoria – The design, installation and management requirements for underground petroleum storage systems (UPSS)

Groundwater Monitoring Wells

Groundwater monitoring wells may be required for monitoring of sites suspected or known to be contaminated by compounds such as hydrocarbons and solvents (e.g., former fuel storage facilities, mechanical repairers, chemical manufacturers and processers). We can provide Groundwater Monitoring Plans describing the design and construction of groundwater monitoring wells for water quality monitoring, vapour intrusion testing, environmental remediation, and delineation of contaminant plumes and pathways according to EPA Victoria regulations. Sampling of wells occurs at regular time intervals (e.g., monthly, quarterly, annually) to determine trends and facilitate decisions regarding remedial actions. Wells are constructed in accordance with minimum construction requirements for water bores in Australia (NUDLC 2020) using approved PVC casings and screens and are developed post construction. Once developed, the well is sealed, covered, and locked to prevent contamination or damage, allowing accurate periodic monitoring as required and regulated.

Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Change Action (Victoria) – Managing Groundwater

EPA Victoria – Hydrogeological Assessment Guidelines for Groundwater Quality

Residential Lead Paint Testing

Many homes and commercial buildings exist in Australia that contain layers of paint applied prior to 1970 when lead levels within interior and exterior house paints often exceeded 50%. These toxic layers are often covered with paint subject to later government regulation containing less lead (typically less than 1% to current standards of less than 0.25%). It is important for the health of those performing preparation of surfaces and occupants to know which paint layers are potentially toxic and what precautions must be taken to protect themselves and others from exposure. Our testing process provides real time quantitative data about lead levels within individual layers of paint.

At Edwards Environmental we provide rapid and reliable testing of surfaces coated with one or several layers of paint. In addition, we can assess levels of accumulated lead within ceiling dust and other cavities, and exterior soils for accumulated lead from weathering and flaking of exterior painted surfaces. We utilise portable XRF technology and testing by NATA accredited laboratories. While information can be provided to clients at the time of testing, a detailed report explaining results and EPA approved site-specific methods to employ during any surface preparations prior to painting is provided.

Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water – Lead in House Paint

USEPA – Evaluating and Eliminating Lead-based Paint Hazards

Asbestos Collection & Disposal

Our fleet of EPA permitted trucks and trailers along with experienced drivers can transport Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) to EPA licensed facilities. Edwards Environmental can also store smaller amounts of ACM at our permitted site.

EPA Victoria – Asbestos Waste
Asbestos Victoria – Laws and Guidance

Underground Asset Location

Edwards Environmental experienced NULCA (National Utility Locating Association of Australia Ltd) trained staff utilise the latest Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and conductive line electromagnetic field induction (LLEMF) technology to locate, avoid, and protect underground pipes and cables during assessments or other penetrative site works. All underground asset locating is performed according to Australian Standards (ASNZS 4361).

National Utility Locating Association of Australia Ltd

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